Doug Dickens  

A blissful repast from the trials of the daily grind and nothing better than to sit here with a fire blazing in the fireplace, listening to the sounds of this magnificent artist….


Howard Lawrence  

Laurence, you are a 21st Century George Winston. Your piano compositions are spellbinding. Each tells a wordless story with depth and grace. High art right here.


David Namerow (Congas/Hand Percussion) the rest of your understated power in the groove that demands attention and a devoted ear. Your riffs insist with gentility and phrasing that is complex and meaty. I'm in awe of your compositional approach


Richard Cooksey  

My favourite has to be ‘Lucetis’! Beautiful playing that makes you drift away on the notes….


Kevin McGee  

Very nice work! Moody, colourful and emotionally evocative!


Jeffrey Whitman  

"Finite Blue" is an Amazing piece of music!


Morning Wing Project  

Absolutely beautiful…


Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos  

Great music. " Bio of an Artist " - Excellent composition!


Angel Wings  

Beautiful musical compositions & piano melodies!!!  

Massimo Ghianda  

Ottimi lavori!


The Fludes  

You have made my heart sing tonight with your wonderful music!  Thank you x


DJ Antonio  

Your music is AWESOME! Your friend Dj Antonio ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ (((((---ON---)))))) ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯


Raylene Waye  

Got ‘Bio of an Artist’ on my playlist today, beautiful! ...Keep the great music coming!



I'm in a "Serene Dream". ...=_=... Lovely!


Doug Dickens  

Laurence, some of the finest music anywhere out here. Proud to call you a friend in music



Such stunningly beautiful music! Almost hypnotic at times! You have such an extensive playlist. I will visit here again in order to relax after my grandchildren have been! Brilliant work


Louise Peacock  

Beautiful work. Your piano has a gorgeous and sonorous timbre to it and your playing is sweet….



Absolutely beautiful compositions! Ideal for films!


Doug Dickens  

Laurence. Just sitting here with a good book and your beautiful music on a Monday afternoon in North Carolina. A memorable day it has been because of you. Thank you.


Hillbilly Dix  

Incredibly awesome and powerful compositions! Love your playing and passion :) very enjoyable listening....Jen xo


Dorothy Guinn  

How refreshing in a world of canned music, to hear real talent. I enjoy your beautiful music so much!


The DoPe Brothers  

Everything is magnificent here and I can't do this music justice with a simple comment!


Silver Knuckle  

Wicked music! You’re awesome! Rock On!


Scott Abene - Guitar  

Really wonderful pieces! Thank you


October Road  

Excellent pieces of musical emotion and imagery, Laurence! Thrilled by our listen this morning. Your talent is superb and presentation is stellar. Wonderful. All the best!


Margret Avery  

Very moving, emotive and peaceful at the same time - bravo to you!



Relaxing feelings, lovely melodies, tons of emotions your music is beautiful. It is wonderful how you can capture every hearts and souls. Looking forward for new songs and albums. Peace and many new ideas my friend. Jaro aka


Óscar Perdomo León  

You play wonderful music. You have a high level of performance. I love your piano.



Hi Laurence. It is a real pleasure to get to listen to your wonderful music, beautifully arranged and played. Irresistible and gorgeous! Very best wishes.


Steve Parisien  

Beautifully done Laurence. Very much like your choice of phrasing and musical passages.


Shoshana Michel  

Your music, your playing is beyond words. It truly takes me to a different place. Soothing, healing, beautiful. Thanks for sharing your music. ☺♫


Michelle Kasajian  

Loved listening to your music!






Beautiful piano work! W&W


Donna Rose  

Beautiful and uplifting music... Love you bio! Wishing you abundant blessings!


Meander Lane  

Beautiful compositions, not what I was expecting at all!


Marek Starx  

Beautiful... There are no other words to say. Your compositions are beautiful, simply great!


Jean Vivace / Classical  

Your music sounds lovely! Excellent compositions!!! Your playing is wonderful - very romantic - excellent stuff!! Jean


Amanda Cooksey  

‘Ruah’ - Nice keyboard sound!


Linda Freeman  

"Bio of an Artist" is beautifully arranged and performed.


Official Outcome  

Raining again here in SW Florida. Good thing we have your music playing to cheer us up. Love and Blessings :)


Bernie Landry  

Sweet and lifting music at its finest... "Bio of an Artist" Much success :-) - B


Nancy Burridge  

‘Through the Gates’ is beautiful and mind altering...put me in a tranquil state! Love it!!


Doug Dickens  

Laurence, Thank you so very much for ‘Through the Gates’.  You have put into music what we are feeling. Namaste...



"Bio of an Artist" simply beautiful composition and playing Lawrence!


The Legendary RT and Friends  

Quite expressive and engaging...



Good music!


Natalia Palacios  

Preciosa música! Mis mejores deseos para ti! Besos desde España. Natalia


'Love On Fire'! :D Perfect Music... Respect!! Deova_Indonesia


One Way Closer  

Listening to love on Fire...well done!!! A beautiful flow!


Tessie "Enchanted MusicBox"  

Really beautiful music!!! Very inspiring! Your music has truly been an inspiration to me:-)_Tessie


Eugene Jacquescoley  

We're enjoying "Whispers Above the Wind." What a unique atmosphere. Reminiscent of Dave Grusin! Cheers. J



Such beauty in your playing! You have an amazing and inspiring gift! Such peace in your songs! Truly a blessing to me...


Doug Dickens  

I just had to stop by and play some of this incredible music. The creative energy here is astounding and brings me such peace during a tumultuous time. Thank you Lawrence for the music.



These are lovely, riveting, inspiring piano performances!



** Come witness an endangered species...A Brotha That RoCkS!


Ian Paulin  

Richly rewarding journeys, each with its own personality as with all authentic journeys . . . loved every moment, thank you and G'DAY from the other great island, Tasmania :)


Harry V singer songwriter  

Hello BEAUTIFUL SOULNARRATIVE ♥ We love you  ♥ Love from Holland


Raylene Waye  

Beautiful... "Whispers..."


KC Daleigh  

Your music speaks to my heart. Beautiful!



Beautiful music. Love ‘Broken’ :)


Bradley Clark Band  

Mr. Kerr...anyone who plays the way you do should be referred to as Mr./Ms./Mrs. ...I love your music Sir. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world. You are playing the stories of many people who can see their lives resonance...Joys, sadness; Triumph, failure; Love, loneliness. Just beautiful! I pray God continues to bless you and every hearer who sees themselves in each note, in each song. Be Well & Be Blessed, Bradley 



Breathtaking performances!


Doug Dickens  

Back again for the peaceful dreams of a true artist. Wish we lived closer together.


Raylene Waye  

Beautiful work here! Keep shining!


Carlos Wilde  

Enjoyed listening to you. "Whispers Above the Wind" - Beautifully played. Thank you for sharing!


ANIMA 81  

Vos compositions sont exceptionnelles! C'est du grand art musical. Amitiés. Pierre



‘Elohim’ is beautiful!


Mike Glendinning  

Outside ‘The Box’.... “I like it”.



Wonderful tracks and playing!


Doug Dickens  

Not since my days with Deuter have I enjoyed someone’s piano music as much as yours. Thank you for the inspiration. Showcasing your music 



Susan Buchanan  

“Whispers Above The Wind" is so beautiful. Your piano work is astounding in it's creativity and precision.


Clive Lukover  

‘Whispers above the wind’ is so expressive and heartfelt.







John Wright  

Superb Work! Love the atmosphere you create! Awesome.


Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit  

Awesome! Brilliant! Outstanding! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!


Paisley Funk  

Thank you! Really deep and sweet sound…..


Jeff Harvey  

Really enjoying your creative piano and orchestration work! Nicely done.


Airway - CLASCTAP  

Great playing on ‘Broken’


Kevin Looney  

Awesome, just awesome, unique and wonderful!


Mitch Marcoulier  

Hi Laurence, Enjoying your beautiful music this Friday morning! Very relaxing, my new friend! Well done! Mitch


Mark Halliwell  

'White Dove' - sounding excellent!!



Love your music! Listening while I clean today :)


Brian David Attal  

Love on Fire is very good .So relaxing ~! BD


Jade Lovedale  

Fell in love with 'Broken"


Jade Lovedale  

Heavenly sounds, there is so much talent out there


Panagiotis Kalimeris  

Very impressive work! And your paintings are very inspiring to me! I wish you all the best. ~ P.



Wow!!! Simply amazing!


Ms. RedFox  

Beautiful work…


Sera Lubowa  

Bless! Love the Soul! Much love to you and all you do!


DJ Antonio  

What a great afternoon, listening to your tunes….Your music is sensational - Greetings DJA.


April Story  

Beautiful songs!!! "Love on Fire" is amazing xo


Anchorage Alaska  

Superb music!



Truly wonderful, exquisite music delivered with such fine musicianship.


Enoch. Arcane  

~ Blessed Vibes ~ Very Well Done ~ Best Regards ~ Sean


~anonymou$Oblique~ aka AO  

I’m feeling it


"The Authentic Frontier"  

Wonderful music…Inspiring!


Angel Sierra  

Beautiful music and very comforting!


Andrew Austin  

‘White Dove’ is quite beautiful ~ Wish I had your musicality!! Andrew


The Fabulous Del Counts  

"Love On Fire " - Wonderful song and piano playing Laurence.


Suzanna Kay  



Robert Trent  

Your music tells a story the same as an artist does when painting an image onto a canvas...beautiful work!


Derek Fiechter  

Excellent music! I love the wide array of emotions your music portrays.


Joel Wilson & The Revival  

Hello, Nice Sound!


Mask Poet  

Broken, Last Flight of the Butterfly, Meet Me In Paradise, Beautiful Life and Fragile Silence, this is awesome beautiful music!!!! Peace.


Marco Maenza  

Beautiful and emotional music!! Great work


Chuss Laforet  

Thank you!!!


James Gregory  

‘White Dove’ is just splendid!  James


Thadeus Project  

‘Love on Fire’ is very SWEET!! Stopping by to show support from Chicago! Be well my friend. G


Ghosts of Dixie  

Great sounding music, it really made my day! I hope nothing detours you from reaching towards the stars and achieving your highest dreams :)


Bob Rylett  

Listening to the pure magic here. Masterfully crafted, inspired and elegant.


Howard Lawrence  

‘Dreams in Motion’ is all compelling drama. It is a rich narrative of the soul indeed. Hesitant and careful at first, gaining in confidence and complexity as the dreams progress, all clear just before awakening.



Beautiful Music...Love the feeling I have when I listen to your song!


Chuss Laforet  

Very nice compositions! C.


Aaron Dozer  

Masterful, beautiful!



White Dove is brilliant and takes me away ;)


Mask Poet  

Love On Fire, this is a great song!!! Peace.


See Jay Run  

Enjoying ‘Desert Beat’ this time. Beautiful music here!


Pit Boss  

I wish you the best. I pray that God blesses your career! PIT BOSS


Binary DNA  

Loving "living waters" fantastic work… All the best :D


Bruce Wayne Robinson  

Beautiful musicianship. Very spiritual and moving! Loved all of it. The world needs to hear you! Take care of yourself! Bruce


Le Mystique  

Beautiful! I so love it and am mesmerized by the genius as touch the keys!


Eric Febryan  

‘Love on Fire’ is beautiful and really touching... wonderful piece


Last Day On Earth  

‘Love on Fire’ is a beautiful and dramatic. Wonderful. Glistening. Powerful piano.



"Love On Fire" is a masterpiece in composition and performance! Beautifully magnificent!



Pressing *Play All* on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy your fantastic uplifting tunes and creativity!!!! AMAZING!!! ~ Fefe


Alice & Björn  

Wonderful's very peaceful to listen ‘Love on Fire’



Dear Laurence, Your music is so beautiful. I'm listening to "Love On Fire" congrats for the composition & performance.



Beautiful sounds of ebony and ivory :)


Rick Sparfven  

Awesome Musicianship!



"Love on Fire" - Intense and emotional ~ A very unique style


Craig Karolus  

Your compositions are delicate, dramatic and would make excellent scores for film. I love what you have accomplished!! Many Blessings! Craig Karolus


The Pizza Kings  

'Love On Fire', very nice piano work on this restful instrumental. Nice work on this track, and our favourite for today, cheers - TPK


Chikako Iversen  

Beautiful music and playing! Glad to visit and listen! Kind Regard, Akiko


Dīlee♡Diana Lee 

You have heartfelt talent! Love On Fire has such a beautiful melody!


Taylor Tickner  

Awesome music! :)



Passing through showing love


Christine Bauer  

I absolutely love the sound of a beautiful piano melody. You have done such a great job!



‘Whispers above the Wind’ is beautiful!!


Enrico Trama  

Awesome Music Here!!


Jonathan Tambe  

‘Love on Fire’ is a beautiful track with enchanting melodies that touch the soul! Love the sounds. Musicianship in its finest hour!!



Beautiful sound





Eva Ilios  

Very emotional music!


Rhonda Mackert  

Your tracks here are wonderful! I could stay and listen all day... carried away by 'Whispers Above the Wind'...


Mellany Witt  

You play with nuance, and skill, and gentle passion all wrapped up in a dark vibe. Piano can say so much more than words, and I hear this. So pretty. All the best to you.


Mary Monroe  

Beautiful music…


Ear Candy  

Enjoying your music sublime sounds takes me to a beautiful place


Emily Randolph Music 

Beautiful inspiring piano music! Such a pleasure to listen to! Thank you for sharing your talent!


Robert Steven Hunt  

Beautiful piano compositions, you are so gifted and talented. God Bless you!



" For heights and depths no words can reach, Music is the soul's own speech..." – anonymous. Beautifully spoken Laurence! 


Dave Lynn-devere  

Really love your playing! ‘Love on Fire’ is a joy to listen to.



Your playing is magical ...


Lisa Panagos  

Gorgeous work! Thanks for reaching out. Lisa


Tom Jackman  

Nice work. Your music is honest, contemplative and moving.



"Whispers..." How very beautiful! Sal


Celina Bree  

Beautiful & Compelling!


A Million Love Songs  

We like your sounds …


Mariea Jackson  

Great music. I'm a fan!!!


Deb Hedges  

Beautiful and inspiring!!!!


Paul Kriege  

Very nice! Beautiful playing! Excellent musicianship.



Beautiful sounds! Nice piano playing! Enjoying your music a lot :-) Greetings and best wishes… ~ Zina.



Find myself back again and listening to the beautiful ‘Meet Me in Paradise’! A truly moving piece! Feel like I'm being transported as I listen. Love the daring harmonies sprinkled throughout the piece. Quite effective. Have a lovely weekend. Sal 


Extreme Dream  

Beautiful and relaxing compositions here... A very nice light touch on the Piano. Great sound and melodies as well! Listened to and Loved all songs on your front page......Well written.......Tony


JDiablo | Wally West  

Good music


graham butterfield  

Exquisitely soulful, expressive music... I found myself particularly absorbed by the subtle complexities of 'Dreams In Motion'. Superb tracks.



Very cool soothing and beautiful sounds! Awesome piano work!



Few can match the beauty of your musical visions! Sal



I think you best described your music yourself inadvertently. Serene galleries! That's what they are! Gorgeous paintings with musical strokes. Thank you for such lovely music and may we always be brothers in music. Peace, Sal


Anchorage Alaska  

Beautiful chilled music!



Great songs!!



Simply Beautiful :))



Lovely compositions!



Enjoying "Living Waters" Beautiful! -Rob


Karlheinz Fey  

Awesome music here! Great tunes and sound!:) Congrats and best regards!


Andrew Austin  

Love on Fire is playing.... Quite gorgeous!!! Wishing you all the best, Andrew


Will Ludford And The Strats  

Hi Guys, good to have neighbours as friends. Nice music and the message comes across...good stuff. Keep in touch. Regards. Will.


The Fores  

Great listening to your excellent music and sounds here! Loving the piano on Beautiful Life.. Wishing you only the best :) TF


Susan Cabral  

Your music is SO SO beautiful and as I listen I am SWEPT AWAY to the most WONDERFUL places. You are a TREASURE!!! Sending LOVE from Boston, Susan...


Fiona MacMahon  

Enjoying your wonderful compositions. Wishing you the best :)


Ron Sillito  

BEAUTIFUL..."Love On Fire"...What a Wonderful Song...Soo Much Feeling...Ron, From Canada...


Akustik Maya  

Hey Laurence, I think your music is beautiful and exquisite too....coming from a deep well of divine inspiration. Keep up the good work Brother!


John Carter  

Love your music Laurence. It's nice to be taken somewhere else for a few minutes - Wonderful!!!!!



"Love On Fire" is a truly beautiful the piano work!



Thanks for the very nice comment. Happy to share with you the same passion for relaxing piano play! Salutations from Quebec!!


Sills & Smith  

Love On Fire is a glorious piece of music. Frank Smith


Eddy Khaimovich (  

Your music sounds beautiful!


Cassy McCormack Edinburgh  

X good luck



Hello there, glad to meet you... Both your paintings and music are wonderful! You are very talented. All the best from your new fan in Canada, Teruko


Jessi McKinnon  

Beautiful music...very relaxing and enjoyable. Really liked them all! :) God Bless...


David E. Maxwell  

Awesome Instrumentals, great for meditation.



Thank you for doin’ what you do.. Keep doin’ it BIG! It's appreciated. God Bless.


Ralf Dee  

Back for some more of your beautiful tunes. Have a great weekend.





Jamie Dolph  

Fantastic melodies. Really enjoying your songs.


Joyce Spencer  

Absolutely amazing!!! Such beautiful & peaceful music. Great for healing the soul!!!



You make great melodies...would you like to collaborate on some tracks composed by you? (I'd love to sing or improvise on them)


Ralf Dee  

Beautiful and relaxing songs. Very peaceful atmosphere. Great work. Enjoyed my visit. Best wishes.



Very well arranged, wonderful work. Thank you for being there!


Maya Maze - Mark Steven  

"Love On Fire" Very Nice Song


Cassy McCormack - Edinburgh  

Very spiritual ‘take me away” music .... And love the blog quotes, Peace!


Nicole & Cascade 

Another listen to your music...amazing...I sat here and enjoyed.... Hugs Love & Peace Nicki / Germany



Sunday evening and there's Fantastic music playin' here! -Rob



♫。Brightening my Sunday with a wonderful experience of your amazing tunes! ♪。Incredible!!! ♪。Excellent tracks delivered with style and fantastic creative production. ♪。Hey its a real blessing to be surrounded by an awesome "★ - YOU" providing an atmosphere of vibrating brilliant music all around ♪. Much success….♫。 Until we meet again, keep shining BRIGHT -Love always ♥ ~ Fefe


The Fabulous Del Counts  

Wonderful, creative, beautiful, peaceful and totally relaxing song list... Great music.



Meet me in paradise... Amazing! -Rob



Drifting beautifully away with your music :)


Shaun "Canon" Barrowes  

Your songs are very deep. I'm listening to "Love on Fire" right now--good stuff!


The Professor and Naomi Kay  

Nice piano work here. Great songs that do an excellent job of setting a peaceful feel. Cheers. Wayne


Joyce Spencer  

Wow, this is absolutely so beautiful!! I have to come back for more....

Mark Steven (Poehler)  

"Love On Fire" Very Nice Tune!!



Incredible awesome productions, loving the sounds!!! Astonishing music achievement just love it to listen and I will pass again in future to listen again.

You are definitely mainstream! Much respect to your excellent work!!!! ~ Blessings! Fefe


Delaney Simpson  

The title (and the track) "Beautiful Life" describes your music perfectly. What beautiful compositions you have here.


Private Beat Club / Sergey Rostov  

Beautiful music! It can really touch the soul.


Michael McGuane/Reliablebowmusic  

‘Whispers....’  a lovely sound :)


Joesf Glaude  

Excellent music...honoured to be a fan! ad majorum Dei glorium


Erik Hartley  

Inspiring Music. Thanks for reaching out! -


Kim Guthrie  

Beautiful piano "Whispers above the wind" I enjoyed listening to this morning



Listening to your song ' Love On Fire'' - awesome and entertaining!!!! ♫。You're a ★. Keep it real, keep it YOU ♫ ~ Fefe


R. Pickett Bugg  

Listened to Love On Fire! What a wonderful composition and arrangement!



Great job, excellent melodies ...very good vibe



Some sublime music on this page :-)


The Havenites  




Enchanting and beautiful!!



Great music,...super compositions! Peace


Wolfgang Leng - Art, Music & More  

I'm back for more great Music!...Have a great Weekend...Many Greetings - Wolfgang


Vincent Pablo  

'Love On Fire'….music for the soul….wonderful!


Ralph Anastasio  

This music is so beautiful! You have a huge fan here.


Lost At Sky  

People; heal yourselves in ‘Living Waters’. Uplifting!


Tivoli Skye  

Thanks for being a Skye Dweller with me :) Whoah love ‘Meet me in Paradise’! Beautiful!  - So wonderful! Tivoli Skye


Vic Quinton  

Heavenly music!!! I pray God continues to inspire you with His favour and blessings. Blessings always, Vic Quinton


77 Times  

Beautiful! God bless!


second journey  

Great respect to your outstanding work and music


Laramie Cooley & Kilkenny's Secret  

We came by to show our support. May you be greatly blessed as you share the Gospel through your music. Keep up the good work and continue sharing your talent! God Bless, Laramie Cooley & Kilkenny's Secret


AL+Phonz Victory  

Much love. Peace. AL+Phonz.


Helen Lloyd  

Lovely! Really nice to meet you :)



Great music, keep up the good work.


Donnie Stovall 

Great songs, great style,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Hollow Distortion  

Amazing sounds - very creative and unique. I really enjoyed listening to your music. Very good musical composition and positive vibes was my first impression. God bless and good luck in all future endeavours for you. Ryan or Zer0



Great Work, all the best, best regards, DITRADEM


Benita Baugh  

Your music is very relaxing,  Luv, Benita (Bonnie Scotland)


Faith Rock  

Hey, We'd like to get some of your music to use during our new Internet radio show. This project is all about Christ and getting the word out on undiscovered Christian music. Please submit an MP3 version of your song/s that you would let us use to Please pass along any contact info you have for booking as well, so we could pass that to our listeners. We'd like to interview you guys sometime as well.

Chris B - Host 
Faith Rock 
Spiritual Rock Radio



Fabulous :)


The Shane Alan Swaim Experience - A Journey Through Americana in Story and Song  

I am listening to "Love On Fire." Great instrumental that will captivate any audience! Sincerely, Shane



Listening to some of your tunes this Sunday evening.. Great music, great sensations, great work!!!! ♪♫♪♫ Peace Love N Music ♪♫♪♫


Cemo Mus!ck  

Howdy! Great stuff here mate! Keep up rock N rolla! :D


Michael Caruso  

Wishing you continued success… gratitude, m.c


Jim Marcotte  

Enjoying your page!  Thanks for reaching out - greetings from Seattle - peace



Lovely rich music!


Adam J Doughty  

Beautiful music and 'Living Waters' is my favourite …that piano makes me wanna learn piano :)


Tamara Champlin  

Excellent work!  xo Tamara


Ingrid Serban  

All the best to you! Ingrid



BRAVO!! Nothing else is needed. Take a bow. ...=_=...


Martini Garden  

Such beautiful, relaxing music!! Thanks! Will visit often! ~Martini Garden



Am loving ALL your sounds!


ZoSia Karbowiak  

Checking out your page...! Zosia


Suzanne Cook  

Lovely music.


nancy-ann michaud  

Just gorgeous



Wow...LOVED UR MUSIC, VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!! My respect, support n best wishes 2U ...ALEXANDRA DLG


Dani Dante  

GREAT MUSIC! Keep up the good work!  :D God Bless xoxo 


Richard Perry  

Beautiful music! Keep it coming.


Together Alone  

Hey! Beautiful sounds! Really enjoyed listening! :) Have a great Weekend! Cheers /H



Awesome sound, great work! Cheers from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM!



Thak you:) All the best:) Beautiful sounds.... LiaVen



Beautiful music! Haunting.



Splendid compositions, what wonderful music Laurence!!



Beautiful inspiring compositions! Great talent!


Penny Jayne Black  

Enjoying 'Love on fire' Awesome!


Janice Kephart  

Lovely, deep, relaxing... thanks for holding the gentle side of music so well!



Your music is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!


Irish Roots Cafe house band  

‘Love on Fire’ playing now! All the best from the Irish Roots Cafe... -Mike


Henry Haney Project  

I really enjoyed the sounds here!


Raylene Waye  

Lovely work here :)  Blessings


Electric Saints  

God bless your ministry!


Nicki Kris  

Stunning compositions! Wish I could play like this!


Whyte Panther  




Hi Laurence. Very relaxing and peaceful! I needed that. Continue to allow God use your gifts to inspire the world. Your brothers, Go2.


The Steven McGill Project  

Really beautiful work Laurence!!! You see the beauty in life, what a blessing!!!


Ryo Utasato  

Dear Laurence, So beautiful music, Thank you for sharing your magnificent and beautiful universe, I really love your music. Sending positive energy, Peace & Love*  Ryo,


Sven Fredheim  

Lovely sounds.....very interesting piano work! all the very best, Sven


Spirits Of Another Day  

Sweet! Peace from Sunny Detroit City!



God bless... You rule!!! \m/


Frankie O'Rourke  

Wonderful music Laurence, beautiful piano work!! All the best to you ~ Frankie


Shades of Imperfection  

Beautiful and captivating music Laurence, awesome job! Mike


Doug Andrew  

Pure sweetness before the Lord


Alexander George Lovat  

Love On Fire... wow. Good vibes. Alex


Beth Whitney  

:) I really like your work. Melancholy with rich hope! Thank you for making it.


Mike Callan  

Beautiful tracks!


Ashton Haze  

What amazing compositions. You shine with the pureness of heavenly attributes. Impressive. Wish you the best in all you do.


Patricia L.  

Beautiful! Just Amazing! Very Emotional! I love it! Thank you for sharing!  Your Fan, Patricia L.


Catherine Sears and Cateebob Angel7sears Music  

Nice music :) God bless and all the best:)



Great soul here, keep rockin fam, Ites..; xx


Crystal Perry  

Absolutely beautiful music! Love it!


Richie Johnston  



Annika Vitolo  

‘Beautiful Life’ & ‘Love On Fire’ are especially amazing, as are all your tracks. Peaceful, lovely, moving! A wonderfully sweet way to end my busy day!



Mesmerising, beautiful work! I always wish I had confidence to let my music like just speak for itself, but I'm always trying to layer and cover and chop away! It's great to hear serenity so cleanly presented!


Little B  

Beautiful compositions! Soothing sounds. Very nice!




Hi Laurence ... Listening to ‘Love on Fire’ ... Love your playing! Beautiful stuff my friend!


tommie brewster  

Good to meet another pianist! I really like your first track very your sensitivity to the music....... peace - Tommie


Francie Reith 

I am blessed~ in His love, Francie



Stopped by to hear some real good music. Someone really knows how to play very beautifully! I enjoyed the track Beautiful Life. Shamel.



Hetty Lane  

Wish you great success in everything you do!!! Just watched your Vid, lovely song!:) Hetty


Still inlimbo  

Seriously great works here on your page-very inspiring!!!!


Feel free to drop your fb link on my page and I will like you back. 
Have a good night!


Amanda Pollard  

Stopping in to hear your music and show some love ♥ ♥ ♥


The Lewis Hamilton Band  

Great page!


the th0ught pr0v0ker  

Laurence your music is beautiful brother!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE


Divine Calling  

Great music enjoyed it


MaryJustice Lucas 

Such beautiful music!




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